Mithila Panchang 2024 | Maithili Panchang 2024 PDF

Mithila Panchang 2024 | Maithili Panchang 2024 PDF

Mithila Panchang is an astrological calendar prepared on the basis of solar and lunar months The Mithila calendar has 12 months in a year and 30 days in each month. The Maithili Panchang 2024 calculates the dates and months based on Indian astrology The auspicious/inauspicious moments are determined based on the position of the planets and constellations in the Mithila Panchang 2024. This calendar mentions the dates, methods of worship and importance of all festivals and fasts. There are 15 dates in this calendar including Pratipada, Dwitiya, Tritiya, Chaturthi, Panchami, Shashti, Saptami, Ashtami, Navami, Dashami, Ekadashi, Dwadashi, Triyodashi, Chaturdashi and Purnima.

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Mithila Panchang 2024

Mithila Panchang 2024 :

मैथिली पंचांग जनवरी 2024 – Mithila Panchang January 2024

तिथि, मास पाबनिक नाम दिन
2 जनवरी सप्तमी मेघदर्शन मंगल
4 जनवरी अपूपाष्टकाष्टमी वृह०
5 जनवरी अन्वष्टका नवमी शुक्र
7 जनवरी सफला व्रत रवि
9 जनवरी दशातारकारंभ रात्रि 7:57 उ. मंगल
11 जनवरी पौषि अमावस्या वृह०
14 जनवरी मासान्त रवि
15 जनवरी तिला (मकर) संक्रांति,
माघस्नान आरंभ
19 जनवरी दशातारकान्त प्रा० 7:01 शुक्र
20 जनवरी कर्म दशमी शनि
21 जनवरी पुत्रदा व्रत रवि
22 जनवरी नारायण द्वादशी सोम
25 जनवरी कैशिकी स्नान, पौषी पूर्णिमा वृह०



मैथिली पंचांग फरवरी 2024 – Mithila Panchang February 2024

तिथि, मास पाबनिक नाम दिन
2 फरवरी सप्तमी मेघदर्शन शुक्र
4 फरवरी अपूपाष्टकाष्टमी सोम
8 फरवरी नरक निवारण व्रत वृह०
9 फरवरी माघी मौनी अमावस्या शुक्र
10 फरवरी कलश स्थापना,
नवरात्रा आरम्भ
11 फरवरी श्री रेमन्त पूजा रवि
12 फरवरी मासान्त सोम
13 फरवरी संक्रान्ति मंगल
14 फरवरी वसन्त पंचमी,
सरस्वती पूजा
16 फरवरी अचला सप्तमी,
निशा पूजा
17 फरवरी भीष्मष्टमी,
भीष्म तर्पण
19 फरवरी देवी विसर्जन सोम
24 फरवरी माघी पूर्णिमा शनि

मैथिली पंचांग मार्च 2024 – Mithila Panchang March 2024

तिथि, मास पाबनिक नाम दिन
8 मार्च महाशिवरात्रि व्रत शुक्र
11 मार्च जनकपुर परिक्रमा आरम्भ सोम
14 मार्च संक्रांति वृह०
19 मार्च जनकपुर परिक्रमा समाप्ति मंगल
24 मार्च होलिका दहन (समन) रवि
25 मार्च सिंदुरार्पण (पातरिदान) सोम
16 मार्च फगुआ (होली),
सप्ताडोराक बंधन



मैथिली पंचांग अप्रैल 2024 – Mithila Panchang April 2024

तिथि, मास पाबनिक नाम दिन
2 अप्रैल शीतलाष्टमी मंगल
5 अप्रैल पापमोचनी एकादशी शुक्र
8 अप्रैल चैत्री अमावस्या,
सोमवती अमावस्या
9 अप्रैल वसन्त नवरात्रा आरम्भ,
10 अप्रैल श्री रेमन्त पूजा, सतुआइन बुध
12 अप्रैल छठि व्रतक नहाय खाय शुक्र
13 अप्रैल छठि व्रतक खरना शनि
14 मार्च छठि व्रतक संझुका अर्घदान,
15 अप्रैल निशा पूजा सोम
16 अप्रैल महाष्टमी मंगल
18 अप्रैल देवी विसर्जन गुरु
19 अप्रैल कामदा व्रत शुक्र
21 अप्रैल महावीर जयंती रवि
23 अप्रैल हनुमान जयंती मंगल

मैथिली पंचांग मई 2024 – Mithila Panchang May 2024

तिथि, मास पाबनिक नाम दिन
10 मई अक्षय तृतीया शुक्र
12 मई षाणमासिक रवि व्रत समाप्ति रवि
13 मई मासांत सोम
14 मई संक्रांति मंगल
17 मई जानकी नवमी, मैथिली दिवस शुक्र

मैथिली पंचांग जून 2024 – Mithila Panchang June 2024

तिथि, मास पाबनिक नाम दिन
6 जून वटसावित्री व्रत वृह०
9 जून रम्भा तृतीया रवि
12 जून त्रिविक्रम द्वादशी बुध
14 जून मासान्त शुक्र
15 जून संक्रान्ति शनि
16 जून गंगा दशहरा रवि
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What is Mithila Panchang 2024 ?

Mithila Panchang which is a traditional calendar system in the Mithila region of India,and also the parts of Nepal. The term “Panchang” means the Hindu calendar that includes the details that are auspicious and inauspicious, including the festivals, rituals, planetary positions and other astrological details based on Hindu astrology and also the lunar cycles.

Mithila Panchang 2024 performs a variety of functions of serving as a reference material for the people in the region to schedule their day-to-day activities, religious rituals, and also farming practices based on the astrological timings and also astronomical alignments. It encompasses the different components of Hindu astrology, like Tithi-lunar day, Nakshatra-lunar mansion, Yoga and also Karan.

The Maithili Panchang 2024 also contribute a lot in deciding the dates of the celebrations of the religious occasions and the also the events of culture observed in the Mithila region. It shows the cultural and religious practices of the people of Mithila and sustains the convention of the traditional element of the society.

Importance of Mithila Panchang :

The Mithila Panchang 2024 holds significant importance in the lives of people in the Mithila region for several reasons:

Guidance for Daily Activities: Mithila Panchang is a reference that provides useful details about the auspicious and inauspicious times for different activities that individuals can use to execute their daily routines such as initiating new ventures, carrying out the rituals and conducting ceremonies.

Religious and Cultural Significance: It imparts a huge influence on identification of festival dates, religious obligations, and cultural events celebrated in Mithila region. These gatherings and ceremonies are intricate parts of the cultural and in a religious heritage of the community and are celebrated with great honor.

Agricultural Planning: In addition to the Maithili Panchang 2024 acting as a planner for the farming season, it also indicates the proper times for sowing seeds, have crops harvested, and do other agricultural activities based on celestial or lunar alignments. This information is crucial for farmers as they seek to improve the efficiency of their agricultural practices and produce the highest possible yields.

Astrological Guidance: For the believers, Mithila Panchang is an astrological guide concerning planetary positions, determine the auspicious time and other factors impacting their lives. It has a guiding effect on choosing crucial decisions regarding personal and career matters.

Preservation of Tradition: By observing the Mithila Panchang 2024, people of the region honor their customs and culture and also pass on what they practice from the past to future generations. It gives a mentality of continuity with the past and makes Mithila community known.

Community Cohesion: The festival and the ritual implementation dictated by the Mithila Panchang fosters a sense of togetherness among the people. It offers the chance for socialization, group worship, and values and belief value reinforcement the shared ones.

FAQs on Mithila Panchang :

  1. What is the Mithila Panchang?
    • The Mithila Panchang is a traditional calendar system used in the Mithila region of India, primarily in Bihar and parts of Nepal. It provides information about auspicious and inauspicious timings, festivals, rituals, and celestial events based on Hindu astrology and lunar cycles.
  2. What does the Mithila Panchang include?
    • The Mithila Panchang typically includes details such as Tithi (lunar day), Nakshatra (lunar mansion), Yoga, Karana, and other astrological factors influencing daily life and activities. It also contain lists important festivals, religious observances, and cultural events celebrated in the Mithila region.
  3. How is the Mithila Panchang used?
    • The Mithila Panchang serves as a guide for planning daily activities, religious ceremonies, agricultural practices, and personal events according to auspicious timings. People follow the Mithila Panchang to determine the most favorable times for starting new ventures, performing rituals, or conducting important ceremonies.
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